Evolutions Volleyball FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many games will I get to play?
A. 6 depending on daylight. No games will start after 8pm.

Q. Do we provide our own ball for practice?
A. YES, balls will be provided to each Team Captain. You may use that ball or you may choose to use your own ball for practice and/or game play.

Q. Is there a place we can pump up balls?
A. Yes a pump is available at the Riverside Blvd boardwalk underpass entrance.

Q. How will I know where to play my first game or next game?
A. Schedule boards are set up near the Riverside Blvd boardwalk underpass entrance to provide this information. Also, please check www.evolutionsvolleyball.com regularly for updates.

Q. Where do the Recreational and Competitive teams play?
A. Divisions play in certain areas look on the bracket boards for your division. Recreational 6′s East play due east of Riverside, Recreational 6′s West play due west of Riverside, and Competitive 6′s play in the central right and left of the Riverside Blvd boardwalk underpass.

Q. What courts will I play on?
A. Courts are numbered with the lower numbers on the west end of beach and higher numbers on the east end of beach. The cork boards at Riverside Blvd will tell you which court you are scheduled to play on and against who, either team name or player names.

Q. How many teams will go to the Playoffs?
A. The top 16 teams from each division will be entered into the Playoffs.

Q. When are the Championships and how are they structured?
A. Playoffs will begin for our Thursday night league on Thursday, August 19th, August 26th and MONDAY, August 30th. Championships for ALL Leagues will be held Thursday, September 2nd, 2021.

Q. What are the prizes?
A. Prizes include league trophy for all divisions.

Q. Where do I pick up my prize?
A. At the end of the championship tournament on Thursday, September 2nd, prizes will be presented at the end of play for each tournament bracket. If you win your tournament division pop along to the prize area where you can pick it up (normally the case), or you’ll be told when it will be ready.

Q. Where can I get first aid, a bandaid, etc?
A. First aid is available at the staging area registration area by the Riverside Blvd boardwalk underpass entrance.

Q. Who referees my games?
A. Both teams on each court referee their own games. Scores are then taken to Evolutions Volleyball staff at the Riverside Blvd boardwalk underpass entrance to update the bracket boards.

Q. Where do I go to report my scores?
A. For your scores to count, game scores should be taken to Evolutions Volleyball staff at the Riverside Blvd boardwalk underpass entrance PRIOR to leaving the beach. That way they can update the bracket boards accordingly and please remember that the last losing team brings in the ropes at the end of the night. Any questions about your schedule or standings please email evolutionsvb@aol.com

Q. How do I find a team?
A. Go to our Facebook Fan Page or the Notice Board on this site and leave a note for other players to see. If you would like us to pair you up, you can message us on our Contact page and we will do our best to find you a team that needs players.

Q. Why aren’t the registered teams shown online?
A. We have many teams registering for our league. Some register by last names (Jones/Smith) while others register by team name (“Volleyball Kings”). Placing team names online wouldn’t provide any benefit as you would not know who is in that team. The registration system that we use produces an excel file that takes a lot of work to pull info from. Also, as league play nears we have many teams registering and any list would require constant updating and with 4 divisions, once again it would be very time consuming. We hope that in the future we may be able to provide this service, but at this time we feel that spending time ensuring that everything is ready for the logistical aspects of our league is more valuable to our players.